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(China) Fabulous Chinese Pancake memory in Kunming

Fabulous Chinese Pancake memory in Kunming

This restaurant is located in the walking street in Wu Hua district in Kunming, it is a very tiny stall with a few tables and chairs, but the environment is neat and clean. The pancake is freshly made right after placed your order at the cashier.

Kunming food

This Chinese pancake looks like the Crepe, it is wrapped with deep fried bean crisp, lettuce, salad sauce and your choice of the entree. Honestly speaking, I am really surprised with the pancake wrap, it’s very soft and thin, he put the whole egg onto the wrap and sprinkled some sesame on the outside . All these things combined enhance the texture of the pancake. Another thing I feel it’s funny is that he put chili sauce in the pancake, base on my general knowledge, pancake is not supposed to be spicy.  However, this chili sauce is not very hot, instead the salty taste enrich the taste of the pancake, it is unexpectedly good! For the entree section, I have tried beef, spicy chicken and shredded pork. Beef and spicy chicken are okay, they are all good. But what I strongly recommend is the shredded pork. I think it’s because shredded pork is dehydrated and absorb the sauce very well, what’s more, the dry texture matches with the pancake real good. This is a must try street food if you happen to visit Kunming, China.

Kunming food



2018-10-31 at 06:56:32

wow i love anything pancake or crepe so you caught my attention!! looks like a fun street food option. Thanks for the suggestions.

Joy at The Joyous Living

Alexandra Cook
2018-11-02 at 09:22:25

This looks utterly scrumptious! Mmm. I have never tried anything like this before – I am really curious to give it a go now. Looks so good!

2018-11-02 at 20:03:36

It is always interesting in learning about different cuisines around the world. The Chinese pancake is definitely something I am willing to try.

2018-11-02 at 23:54:37

I love Chinese food! I honestly don’t think of a pancake when I think of the American version, but this looks soo good!! Would hope to try this one day!

2018-11-05 at 08:52:07

I love international street food! I would love to try this Chinese pancake!

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