strawberry mochi recipe

(Recipe) How to make Strawberry Mochi (Strawberry Daifuku) – Japanese dessert

strawberry mochi recipe

Strawberry Mochi or Strawberry Daifuku is very popular Japanese dessert all over the world, The cute looking appearance and the chewy texture make the perfect combination to increase your appetite.

Making the strawberry Mochi is not as hard as it looks, here I will show you simple 8 steps of making the strawberry Mochi.


Strawberry ————-few pieces
Glutinous rice flour—110G
Corn Starch ———–30G
White Sugar————30G
Red bean paste———60G
Sweetened coconut flakes-a little bit
vegetable oil ———-20G


1. Put 110G of glutinous rice flour, 30G of white sugar, 30G of corn starch and 120G of water in the bowl, mix and stir well until it turns into paste (sticky form)

strawberry mochi recipe

2. Add 20G of vegetable oil and stir it evenly

strawberry mochi recipe

3. Steam the batter for 20 minutes

strawberry mochi recipe

4. This is how it’s going to look like after steamed

strawberry mochi recipe

5. Wash and hull the strawberries, remember to dry out the strawberries before move to the next step

strawberry mochi recipe

6. Wrap the strawberries with a thin layer of red bean paste, leave the tips clear for better appearance

strawberry mochi recipe

7. Wrap them with the batter, please keep it mind that the batter can’t be either too thin or too thick

strawberry mochi recipe

8.Finally, sprinkle a little bit of the sweetened coconut flakes on the outside of the strawberry mochi to enrich the texture

strawberry Mochi recipe


This is very easy way to make this iconic Japanese dessert. Please stay tune with our site, more cooking recipes and food related posts will be updated regularly. Thank you for stopping by.

strawberry mochi recipe

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2019-02-06 at 00:00:59

This looks delicious! Really love all your recipes 🙂

2019-03-18 at 21:35:29

These are two of my favorite treats combined! I need to try these.

2019-03-24 at 20:14:57

I can’t wait to try this recipe. looks yummy!!

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