purple sweet potato dorayaki recipe

(Recipe) How to make purple sweet potato dorayaki

How to make purple sweet potato dorayaki

It has been quite long time that I did not share cooking recipe. Omg, It’s  crazy busy work schedule in the end of the year, working like 12 hours a day. So happy that I finally settled down everything and start to enjoy my Christmas holidays. In order to kick off my Christmas days, I just made this cute little Japanese snack – purple sweet potato dorayaki. As usual, I am going to break down step by step how I made this dorayaki in very easy way.


  • Low gluten flour —– 100g
  • Egg —— 1pc
  • Milk——100g
  • Corn oil —–10g
  • Honey —–8g
  • Sugar —– 28g
  • Purple sweet potato fillings —– a little bit
  • Aluminum-free baking powder —– 3g

How to make it

1. Put the egg into the bowl and beat it evenly with the beater.

dorayaki recipe egg beating

2.In a separate bowl, mix the honey, corn oil, milk and sugar together.

batter recipe

3. mix everything together.

batter recipe

4. Put baking powder and low gluten flour into the mixture and beat them with the beater until the powder is totally mixed well.

 batter recipe batter recipe

5. brush a little bit of corn oil on the pan, pan fry the batter until the surface turns to golden colour.

dorayaki recipe

dorayaki recipe dorayaki recipe

6. Finally, place the purple sweet potato filling and sandwiched it with dorayaki that we just made.

purple sweet potato dorayaki recipe purple sweet potato dorayaki recipepurple sweet potato dorayaki recipe purple sweet potato dorayaki recipe

Here we go with the little Japanese dorayaki, you may choose the filling your choice. I used to put strawberry jam with goes very the dorayaki. Please feel free to let me know which is your favourite filling of your dorayaki. If you like to make some cookies for your Christmas snack, please check our cranberry cookies recipe.

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