khao ngu stone park

(Thailand) Kaeng Krachan Dame and Khao Ngu Stone Park day trip

Kaeng Krachan Dame 

Since everywhere is full of smog here plus no fresh air at all, my family and I decided to escape from the city this weekend to go get some fresh air out of town. Early in the morning, we head out to Petchburi province in Thailand. It took around 3 hours from Bangkok to Petchburi. Our destination is to go to Kaeng Krachan Dame (The largest national park in Thailand).

Once we got close to Kaeng Krachan Dame, it’s almost lunch time, so we decided to have lunch first. My dad wanted to see the dame while eating, so I chose Wiroj Kaeng Krachan Rod Ded restaurant for lunch. There were many people in this restaurant, luckily they also got big space to fill up all the customers. However, the food is not really tasty as I expected. They were either very plain or very salty. I guess that most people who come here just wanted to get good view of Kaeng Krachan dame.

fried fish with red curry paste chu chee
fried fish with red curry paste chu chee
fried fish cake in thai style
fried fish cake in thai style
Tom Yum Pla Kang
Tom Yum Pla Kang
Stir fried vegetable fern with oyster sauce
Stir fried vegetable fern with oyster sauce

My dad found good parking spot not too far from the dame. We walked a bit then we saw huge, green, and clean land for people to set up the tent to spend overnight near the dame. In a sudden, my family and I got dragged by the local tour to their speed boat. They try to sell us package tour. They suggest us to spend 1 hour on speed boat to see the whole dame for only 600 baths per boat. They said you can fill up all the seats with only one price. However, my family and I only have 4 people in total. So we think that we should wait for a little bit for more people to join us and we could save more money.

Kol Ngu national park Thailand kaeng krachan kaeng krachan dame

kaeng krachan dame

It was 15 minutes of waiting and nobody come join us, so we decide to have only 4 people in the speed boat. We 4 got into the boat. The weather was hot but when we got on the boat, the cool wind make me don’t want to get off at all. All the green hill make me feel very relax. I love the fresh air here. I wish that I could spend overnight here.

The boat guy stopped the engine and pointed to another boat and told us to look at all the monkeys. They all jumping and swimming around looking for food to take back to their habitat. Tourists fed corn puff to those aggressive monkeys. They never feel enough and keep coming back for corn puff until the boat left them.


After we got off the boat, we felt thirsty and look for a good café nearby. TheLittle Forest Coffee House decoration is very greenery. The smell of coffee bean is refreshing. I love how to arrange their space inside the house. It looks tidy and cute at the same time. Every part of this coffee house is good for taking pictures. Their drink and dessert is very yummy too. Their cake is very rich and not so sweet. The same for all the drink that we order, they got a very good taste and not so sweet. It was very refreshing day to me! I wish this coffee house is not far from where I live, so that I could come more often as I want to.

little forest coffee house little forest coffee house


At about 3pm, on the way back home, my dad decided to stop by Khao Ngu Stone Park Park in Ratchaburi. Back then it used to be the place to crush and smash the rock. Now this place is opened for the tourist and it’s free! Got off from car, first thing we saw here is the huge and very high rock. They got pond in between the rock where many people got on the water bike to enjoy the breeze and the view of the whole national park. This bridge gave a lot of attention to all the photographers to have good picture right there. From the beginning to the end and back of the whole national park, took us only 20 minutes of walking. It’s not a whole lot to see here, but definitely, if you are around Ratchaburi, you have to stop by to get some good pictures back home.

khao ngu stone park khao ngu stone park khao ngu stone park khao ngu stone park

Compare to the trip to Erawan Waterfall last time, I feel like here is more relaxing and less challenging. It is absolutely perfect to come here with kids during the weekend.


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