sour milk cake recipe

(Recipe) Sour Yogurt Cake – The Easiest Recipe That You Shouldn’t Miss

This yoghurt cake serves less fat and less calories from other cakes, the texture is so smooth, which is probably why  everyone in my family love it!


Starch  —— 20 g
Low-gluten wheat flour  —— 50 g
Greek yogurt —– 100 g
Plaint yogurt  —– 50 g
Sugar  —– 65 g
lemon juice  —– 5 g
Egg yolk  —- 65 g
Egg white  —– 142 g
Salt  —— 0.5 g
Butter  ——– 48g


1. Add the melted butter to the Greek yogurt and the plaint yogurt and mix well. Add the sieved low flour and starch and stir until no granules. Add egg yolk and mix well.

sour milk cake recipe

sour milk cake recipe

2. On a separate bowl, add lemon juice and salt to the egg white, add sugar 3 times separately, use the beater to beat the mixture in between each time until it turns to foamy form.

sour milk cake recipe

3. Pour into the mold with oil paper to about 100% full. Set the oven heat from above 190 degrees, heat from below 150 degrees, bake for 15 minutes. Until you see the outside of the cake turns golden brown, take out from the oven and cool off.

sour milk cake recipe

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2019-06-15 at 03:22:52

Excellent recipe. I am a fan of sour yogurt cake and you have done an amazing job explaining the whole process. Thanks for writing this. Super appreciate it.

2019-06-15 at 06:12:21

This looks delicious and also easy to make. the weekend is here so will give this a try.

2019-06-15 at 11:12:06

Sour yogurt?! hmm im curious to try this now .

2019-06-15 at 15:54:55

Love this yogurt cake with strawberries on it! I’d definitely try to make this coming weekend.

2019-06-16 at 00:55:25

Yogurt cake looks a lovely recipe to prepare during a weekend. You surely had a pretty fun time preparing and savoring with all the delicious ingredients in it.

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