About Me

About Me

I am Steven originally from Macau, I live in Macau, Thailand and San Diego, USA. I love eating and cooking. My dream is to try all the delicious food in the world. I will share restaurants tasting reviews (Wherever I go), cooking and baking recipes as well as travel blogs in this site.

Thai style pineapple fried rice recipe chia seeds yogurt recipe

FoodyFoodie is a platform to convey my cooking ideas to my audience. It also serve as a cultural exchange platform where I can meet people all over the world. If you like eating, please join me and share to us about your thoughts of you local restaurants. If you like cooking, please also share with your results and cooking inspirations. You may also leave me some comments that you want to cook, so that I prepare my next recipe for you. Please enjoy food and enjoy FoodyFoodie!