(Thailand) Anya’s Place- the fusion restaurant mix with Thai and western style

(Thailand) Anya’s Place- the fusion restaurant mix with Thai and western style

Anya’s place is a restaurant that serve both Thai and Western food. The place is so comfortable to sit all day. Free wifi is available as well. The atmosphere inside and the surrounding make you feel special during the time you are here.

Anya's Place

What I’ve ordered for lunch is 50 – 50 burgur. I took this one just because I love avocado in everything. In the menu said 50 – 50 burgur have 50% of beef and 50% of bacon. I chose hashbrown as my sidedish.

bangkok burger
beef cheese burger and harsh brown
bangkok burger
burger with tons of ingredient

Since I am a fan of beef burger, I felt the meat here is not quite as my high expectation. I looked at the meat closely and felt that they didn’t ground up the meat and made it as a patty. Probably that was the reason. Well, or it could be because beef is mixed with bacon which made patty little tough. I have no idea. Secondly, the smell of bacon covers all the beef smell and taste. I felt I just ate pure burger pork. Not juicy and no fat at all. But the bread was soft and sweet. Meat sauce is a little sour. Hash brown is the best here. Crispy outside and soft inside. Overall score it at 3.5 out of 5. I will surely coming back but will order something else with the hash brown 😉

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