(Thailand) Rock Me Burgers And Bar at Chiang Mai – American Food In Northern Thailand

(Thailand) Rock Me Burgers And Bar at Chiang Mai – American Food In Northern Thailand

Wandering Around Ancient City

After Walking around the ancient city of Chiang Mai, it is time to find some nice food to refresh myself, going through some information on my phone, there is an American burger restaurant – Rock Me Burger which has quite a lot of positive reviews on Google and wongnai.com (a website that suggest good restaurants all over Thailand). I followed the Google Map route, it is just located near the famous tourist attraction Chiang Mai Old City, around 5 minutes walk from the Tapae Gate.

The Tapae Gate - Chiang Mai
The Tapae Gate – Chiang Mai

Rock Me Burgers & Bar

I guess I arrived there too early for lunch time, there were not a lot of people, but according to the suggestions from the Internet, you may try to avoid dinner time because it is going to be very packed.

Rock me burgers chiang mai
Rock me burgers chiang mai
Rock me burgers chiang mai
Rock Me Burgers & Bar Chiang Mai

The decoration of the restaurant overall is very American. This reminds me of my college life in USA. The opening hours of the restaurant starts from 6 a.m till mid night. This pretty much cover breakfast to late night supper. Besides burgers and sandwiches, they also serve Thai desserts, pastas, fried chicken wings etc.

I ordered 4 dishes, 3 different burgers (Patty Melt, Fat Boy Sandwich and Melted Cow Sandwich) and 1 set of chicken wings (Red Wings). Both The Patty Melt Burger has 2 layers of 150 gram beef patties and the Fat Boy Sandwich has 1 layer of 150 gram beef patty, bacon and cheese croquette in it . The patties are pretty soft, just one little complain is they are not as juicy as I expected, I like it with the saturated onion and the steak sauce together. What a perfect match!

patty melt
Patty Melt
Fat Boy Sandwich
Fat Boy Sandwich

The Melted Cow Sandwich does not has regular beef patty, it is sandwiched with onion, thin chunky sliced beef stir fried together and the Cheddar cheese sauce on the top. The bread is not like regular burger bread instead they use white bun which I rarely see in American burger. The Red Wing with the special battered crust Korean spicy sauce is very yummy, it is kind of sweet and spicy at the same time.

 Melted Cow Sandwich
Melted Cow Sandwich
Red Wing
Red Wing

Location: 17-19, Loikroh Street Raming Lodge Hotel, Chiang Mai 50100 Thailand

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14 thoughts on “(Thailand) Rock Me Burgers And Bar at Chiang Mai – American Food In Northern Thailand

  1. These pictures are amazing. I bet they were wonderful. I would not have thought that this would be in Thailand. I am a foodie and would look forward to trying this place if I ever manage to get there.

  2. You really did a great job with the photos. The burger looks so satisfying and the red chicken looks hmmmm… Yum, yum, yum..!

  3. Oh the chicken looks so good, I can imagine how it taste like.. 😂 I really love spicy foods.

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